Your reality is just a REFLECTION of your inner world.
And you’re ready for change. Inside and outside.
So now is the time for exercise .
With us every workout counts.
Let’s get started.

Personal training, online & offline.
Re-birthing breath work .
Healing online & offline.
Kickboxing for kids & adults .
Welcome home.

About Aya Owedat

from the facilitator Aya Owedat
It took me long time but finally I got the answer, my mission in this generation is to help people find their own way, to get the best version of them self’s .
I’m a horse trainer, a rebirthing breath work healer, a personal trainer.
I believe that our body reflections is a result of our soul and our thoughts .
So I choose the way of body and soul healing.
I had mixed between the sport and the healing so I can help you achieve all of your goals and find the best version of you.
To embrace your soul life